The Law Says Tweet – Byfield Research Reported on Gorkana

Byfield’s research into how law firms are using social media – ‘The Law Says Tweet’ – was reported on Gorkana News on 31 October. The news site, which provides all the latest PR news from across the industry, highlighted the key findings of the research. In particular:

• Three-quarters of the law firms surveyed are encouraging their employees to engage in social media

• Over half of the respondents had won business as a direct result of online engagement

• Of the law firms surveyed LinkedIn was found to be the most important social media tool followed by Twitter

• More than six out of 10 of the law firms regarded ‘breach of confidentially’ as ‘high risk’ in terms of employees’ social media activity

• Nearly three-quarters of the law firms believed that online media will be more important that print media in the future

Commenting in the article, Byfield Consultancy Managing Director Gus Sellitto, said:

“For me, social media is the next big communications challenge for law firms.”

“Get it right and it can be an effective part of the bigger marketing and business development puzzle. Get it wrong and it can be a time-consuming exercise that just generates noise and which can lead to crisis situations if badly managed.”