How we work

We get it. Whether you are a law firm looking to grow your business, a litigator with a client looking to mitigate potential threats, or a high-profile figure with a reputation under assault, we understand that the pressure is on. And, with insight informed by years of experience, we’re here to help.

how we work how we work

Take a deep breath. There may be an urgent need for action – but there is a greater need for forethought. At Byfield, we always make the time to gather the information necessary for a successful outcome. That might mean getting under the skin of your business, figuring out the context underneath the controversy or running through possible scenarios. We do whatever it takes - in the time that it needs to happen.

A strategy is only ever as good as the delivery that follows. We understand the concerns of stakeholders – whether the legal community, regulators, shareholders, employees or family members. And we know how to reach them: we do this directly – through our extensive network of traditional media contacts or by navigating the constantly changing waters of social media – and by working in partnership with in-house communications and legal teams. And everything we say is aligned to the messages we’ve created with you.

Crafting a public narrative – rather than being defined by it – is how you shape events. Over the years, we have secured for the clients that have engaged with us the best possible outcome: stronger businesses, intact – or enhanced – reputations and, whether a litigation case is won or lost, a client that leaves the court on the front foot.