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Inspiring the Future Campaign

Research has demonstrated that if a young person has the opportunity to meet three or four different individuals with a variety of careers, it will have a positive impact on their future career choices.

With that in mind, I was at Prendergast School in Lewisham today. The school had asked a variety of differing professionals to come and talk to Year 10 students and we explained more about our jobs and the education route we took .

The girls were actively engaged, asking pertinent questions and I hope I left them with insight not only into the role of legal communication specialists, but with the reinforced view that with application they can achieve great things in whichever field they choose. It was a great morning all round!

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Progress on Diversity in the Legal Sector?

Today marks an encouraging step forward for diversity in the legal sector with two female High Court Judges being appointed. This brings the total number of female judges in the High Court to 23.

Bobbie Cheema-Grubb, QC, one of the women appointed, has become the first Asian woman in the High Court judiciary.

Although critics say the ratios are still far too low, these steps should be celebrated as progression in a traditionally white, male, middle class dominated profession.

Our report into social mobility puts the legal sector in the spotlight from entry level to the Supreme Court providing ideas and recommendations on how to tackle the problem. The legal profession will be strongest at its most diverse and socially inclusive:

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Suggested Tax on City Law Firms

After the immense criticism which has accompanied the charge on guilty defendants and the finding that it is not generating as much revenue as expected, there is now another proposal which can be perceived as unfair. The Justice Secretary is looking at a compulsory tax on the big City law firms’ turnover. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Mr Gove?

This suggestion is sure to be as controversial as the charge, as Alasdair Douglas, the chairman of the City of London Law Society, comments: “Suggestions of a special tax on only one section of the community to pay for a public service seems intellectually unsustainable.”

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"Whistleblower champions" - will it work?

Following the financial and Libor-rigging scandals in the last few years, the FCA is going to impose new rules which take effect in September 2016 requiring large financial firms to appoint a senior person as its 'whistleblower champion'. Undoubtedly this is a huge step in the right direction in tackling bad practice within large firms, however only time will tell whether this new role will make a real difference...

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