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All rise for UK's first transgender judge

Dr Victoria McCloud has made history by becoming the UK's first transgender judge in the High Court.  

This is a promising move for the legal sector but raises further questions of whether the sector is doing enough to promote diversity within the sector. 

Check out Byfield Consultancy's recent report, Opening Up or Shutting Out, for a further insight into the top 50 UK law firms and their approach to social mobility and diversity at

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Top UK firms not as Magic-al as we thought

Acritas' survey of top legal brands has revealed that English law firms including 'magic circle' firms do not get a look-in when it comes to legal brands in the US.

This is very interesting, especially considering the impact that US law firms are having in the UK. They are becoming steadily more well-known and are dominating the UK legal market, with law students scrabbling to secure training contracts at big US firms.

Maybe UK firms need to invest more into their international PR, to show the States that UK law firms are just as good, if not better. 

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House of Fraser faces social media backlash

House of Fraser has caused a social media frenzy with its new campaign...and not in a good way.

Their new campaign 'Emojinal' was launched - they claim - to interact with a new younger audience. The long established brand began the campaign by posting an emoji edited photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This was followed up with several other edits of one direction and models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. 

But fans and followers have reacted with bewilderment, many tweeting that they had assumed the retailer had been hacked. 

This demonstrates just how easily a brand can be publicly and reputationally damaged by an unsuccessful idea. It remains to be seen whether the company will stand by its campaign or whether we can expect a 'hacked' tweet...

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Fine Brothers spark fury with YouTube trademark attempt

'Reaction' videos have become a phenomenon on YouTube, with The Fine Brothers having made a name for themselves producing the popular videos. 

However, The Fine Brothers have now caused an outcry amongst fellow You Tubers as they have tried to trademark the term 'react'. 

It will be interesting to see whether The Fine Brothers have a case or if they are simply trying to get a reaction from the You Tube community.

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First law firm launches its own litigation fund

Welsh firm Capital Law, announced yesterday that it had launched its very own disputes fund.  It has raised £50m from investors so far.

According to the Senior Partner the reason for doing so was the bureaucracy around trying to convince funders what was a good case.

Is this the first of many?  As the sector evolves will we be seeing more and more law firms offering ancillary services like funding, corporate finance or consultancy?

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