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Invest time in sending out the right corporate message

Byfield Consultancy's Managing Director, Gus Sellitto, has written in Solicitors Journal highlighting the need for law firms to take the time to create their corporate messaging and branding.

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SRA looking at law firm links to the 'Panama Papers'

The Lawyer revealed last week that the SRA is writing to some law firms asking them to check whether they have any links to Mossack Fonseca.

It is clear by the media storm surrounding the information contained in the leaked documents that any link to Mossack Fonesca - no matter how tenuous - could result in reputational damage. 

Law firms need to think carefully about their internal and external messaging regarding any connection, as well as how they handle any clients' communications and reputational crises where they are implicated in the scandal. 

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Ince & Co launches non-legal consultancy

Ince & Co is the latest law firm to take steps into advisory services with the launch of an independent consultancy firm.  We are seeing more and more firms look at such steps as the market begins to see more competition from Alternative Business Structures and multi-disciplinary firms.

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Is arbitration undermining London's position as the world's legal capital?

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas, said the use of arbitration is undermining London's status as the world’s legal capital because too many cases are being diverted from court to be dealt with in secrecy at private arbitration hearings.

He argues that important areas of London’s commercial law in the construction industry, engineering, shipping, insurance and commodities are suffering because of the lack of judgments on emerging legal issues.

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Wanted! Social Mobility Ambassadors for the Law Society

The Law Society is looking to drive forward social mobility in the legal sector by doubling its team of "social mobility ambassadors".

The organisation is searching for ten more solicitors from "non-traditional backgrounds" to take part in talks and events at state secondary schools in the hope of making the legal sector more accessible. 

For further insight into the state of social mobility in the legal sector, have a look at Byfield Consultancy's recent report 'Opening up or shutting out? Social mobility in the legal profession' -

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