Professional Services PR

A professional services PR team with our degree of specialism and experience will ensure your voice is heard above the hum. Our professional services public relations experts make use of the full range of platforms and media available to ensure your message is fully understood.

Byfield Consultancy provides professional services PR for solicitors, barristers, accountants, surveyors, architects, management consultants, financial advisers, loss adjustors, insurers, insurance companies, reinsurers, actuaries, HR consultants, notaries, environmental consultants and business schools. If you’re looking for a professional services public relations provider to sharpen up your reputation, our blend of techniques will supply the answer.

Litigation PR

Litigation PR requires an intimate understanding of the law and legal process. We offer market leading PR expertise during times of dispute, working closely with the client’s legal team. Litigation PR is about managing the impact of a conflict on staff, clients, the media and other stakeholders through planned and thoughtful communications. High profile disputes likely to result in litigation require sensitive handling to minimise and manage these risks and reduce the potential of serious and enduring harm to the reputation of a company or individual.

Dispute Resolution PR

Dispute Resolution PR is about managing the impact of conflicts on staff, clients, the media and other stakeholders through planned and thoughtful communications. Mishandled disputes can cause a decline in staff moral, client dissatisfaction and the wrong kind of media interest. Often, organisations are slow to identify the attendant dangers of potentially high profile disputes. Pyrrhic victories are won in the court of law while reputations can be lost in the court of public opinion.


Our sister company Jures undertakes all of our research. Jures specialises in in-depth analysis drawing on expert in-house market research and investigative journalistic skills. Our research offering draws together both qualitative and quantitative studies.

Byfield Consultancy is an agile professional services PR provider with the expertise to work across the full range of media platforms, ensuring your organisation has the steadfast reputation it deserves. Click here to contact us today.