Social and digital media

With the appointment of our Head of Digital, Emma Maule, Byfield now offers a full range of digital services.

Social and digital media

Social media is now a vital tool in any firm’s arsenal for raising brand awareness – allowing you to showcase your products and services as well as manage your reputation, helping you to listen to what people are saying and swiftly respond.

Byfield provides an outsourcing service for some or all of your social media requirements. We offer both social media strategy and implementation.

Social media audit and strategy

We offer a thorough investigation into your social media presence, with any issues highlighted and recommendations for improvement suggested, including appropriate networks, key messages, content strategy, guidelines for engagement and SMART goals. Byfield can help you implement a new social strategy if requested.

One to one social media training

Many people are fully aware of the need to have a convincing social media presence, but are hard pressed to know where to start. For senior partners or individuals, a completely bespoke, tailored session will be delivered by our Head of Digital, Emma Maule, at your offices or wherever is most convenient for you, in order to upskill and enhance the individual’s existing social media presence.

Social media workshops – one hour or half day

If you feel a whole team could do with a refresh of the importance of social media, its benefits, and also a look at any issues it can cause, we offer group training. We have both basic and advanced workshops, which can be delivered in the space of an hour or half a day, as required. It is anticipated that the workshop will be suitable for groups of around 10-15 people. Workshops will have an interactive element and the half-day sessions include a short test at the end.

Advanced social media training for marketing teams

What’s the difference between reach and engagement? Should you collect impressions or examine sentiment? You know a hashtag is important – but how would you measure it? If you have a mature social media presence in place, and your marketing team is confident with Twitter and LinkedIn, but would like some tips on advanced social strategies and measurement techniques, then we can provide an in-depth session tailored to your platforms. This two-hour session can be delivered to 5-10 people, with desk research carried out beforehand to ensure the advice is specific to you.

Social media crisis management

Although social media is generally a force for good, accidents can happen and reputations can be destroyed with a single post. In the event of a social media crisis, we will offer real-time advice, with the support of Byfield’s Directors to manage key messages and alignment of your response on social media with the wider communications strategy. We are able to travel to your offices or wherever is most convenient for you, and provide ongoing follow-up over Skype, as developments occur.

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The importance of a good website cannot be understated, and this needs to be kept up to date with new, pertinent content. Blogging is an excellent of providing this content and showcasing your lawyers’ thought leadership.

Blog ghost writing

Blogging is the most effective way of demonstrating your expertise within your field and gathering a substantial following – but do you have the time? Perhaps you do, but would like some editorial support? Byfield’s competent and skilled team, with their extensive legal knowledge and excellent editorial credentials, can ghost write blogs for time-pressed individuals on a range of subjects.

Web audit

Your website is your shop window to the world, your most powerful marketing tool, and where you establish your credibility as a business. We offer an audit service for your website, to highlight pain points and suggest recommendations for quick fixes and long-term improvements. We will then work with you in order to carry out this work or oversee your web developer in doing so.

Website account management

We will manage your website, posting updates in a timely fashion and ensuring these adhere to best practice guidelines for SEO, user experience and accessibility.
This would include:

  • Uploading new content
  • Archiving old content
  • Creating new landing pages as and when necessary
  • Image library management

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