Amanda Cooper

Amanda is Byfield’s Head of Finance, having graduated from London Guildhall University with a BA Honours in Accounting, Finance and Taxation and is now a Fellow member of the ACCA.

I’ve spent over 10 years working within the finance function at leading public relations agencies which has honed my ability to make logical decisions and offer hands-on advice to the management team. In addition to the core financial operations – reporting, payroll, VAT returns – my duties involve the preparation of servicing reports to assess client profitability and inform capacity planning. It really is about using numbers to drive the business.

People often think of finance in terms of looking backwards – the reporting and auditing of financial records. Management accounts are much more forward looking – by taking a snapshot of the business almost in real-time, I can support the decision-making of the management team with the facts they need to make sound judgements.

I know from experience that PR companies often mistake intuition for strategy. My expertise is really to drill down into the performance of the company to understand which parts of the business are really driving us forward – and to form our strategy accordingly.