Eugenia Verenko

Eugenia heads Byfield’s Russia desk, helping UK legal firms to grow their profiles in the increasingly lucrative CIS market and working with CIS clients addressing reputational risks in the UK.

The CIS market – mainly Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine – is very attractive to UK-based law firms but you need to know how to navigate the economic, social and political landscape. We help international law firms to build their profiles in the CIS and, of course, we offer the same service to Russian law firms eager to build their reputations in the UK, US and Europe. Also, individuals from the CIS have moved to the UK and acquired significant assets here: this, coupled with the UK’s emergence as a dispute resolution centre, means they must protect both these assets and their reputations, which is where Byfield can help.

I spent eight years working for international communications agencies in Moscow before moving to London and also have litigation PR experience in the UK so, as the head of Byfield’s Russia desk, I am pretty well-placed to facilitate what is necessarily a bi-lateral flow of commerce and information.

I have extensive knowledge of the media market in the CIS and a strong network of senior press contacts – so I know which reporters are likely to be interested in which stories. These skills have proved to be a natural counterpoint to the vast experience of litigation PR, crisis and reputation management that Richard Elsen had accumulated in the CIS region – and collectively, this brings real added value to Byfield’s international offering.

The fact that Byfield offers Legal PR, Litigation PR and Reputation Management under a single roof is unmatched in the CIS market. When I joined the firm in 2012, CIS clients were becoming such an important part of our business and Byfield needed someone who knew the Russian media market and could tap into it. I was the perfect match for the role and I love the fact that I am working at the heart of such a unique capability.