Tsuey Shan Ho

Tsuey is a Senior Account Manager at Byfield.

“I have always been interested in law. I read law at the University of London, graduating in 2014, but in my gap year, before I had even started my course, I worked as a full-time legal assistant at a high street law firm in London. I also spent my summers working as an underwriting assistant in solicitors’ professional indemnity.”

“A key part of my role here at Byfield is liaising with clients and the media. I enjoy showing our clients results, whether it be opportunities in the media, or contributing to a well-written report. I enjoy getting to know exactly what clients are looking to get through Byfield’s assistance and helping to make sure that they achieve it.”


“I find the environment at Byfield to be intellectually challenging. Even though my law degree means I have a good grasp of various areas of law, I find that I am always learning something new when looking for media opportunities for clients. I enjoy the commercial awareness that is required by the job. I love the fact that I am continually required to build on my understanding of how different news stories can be relevant to our clients and their sectors.”