Victoria Pafiti

Victoria is responsible for Byfield’s CRM system which enables Byfield to attract new clients; to improve client retention and satisfaction; and to increase productivity.


In the past, I’ve worked in both PR and journalism which has given me a broad insight into the needs of both the company and its clients, knowledge I put to good use as the manager of Byfield’s Client Relationship Management system. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the consistency and professionalism of our outbound communications.


I work closely with the other members of staff with marketing responsibilities to ensure that we manage our own reputation as well as we do those of our clients. Since working at Byfield, I have also developed a keen interest in website management and have since become responsible for ensuring the website is regularly updated with content that is topical, relevant and informative to our audience.


I think of Byfield as a boutique consultancy with the systems and processes normally associated with a much bigger agency. For a small business, our business development takes place in a very structured manner.